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A team of adventurous and creative web developers and designers from Montreal.

Responsive Design
Amazing Mobile Design

Everything we create is mobile ready. Statistics show that 67% of people navigate the internet through mobile devices. You can’t go wrong with mobile development.

Targeted Advertising
Get the ROI you deserve

We will make the best of every dollar you spend on advertising. You want growth, not wasting money on useless advertising.

Web Development & SEO
Creative websites & Google Ranking

We build beautiful, user-friendly custom websites to represent your business perfectly, no matter what your needs are.


Everything that we create is meant to engage, captivate and inspire the masses to work with your company. Get started in the right direction with us.


Benefits of cooperation with us

Are you ready to get started with a team of adventurous developers and creative marketing specialists?

Experienced and highly professional team

With our efficient and effective approach, our focus is using market data and analytics to maximize the ROI on your digital advertising dollars.

Always new ideas and outstanding creations.

Our experienced creative team stays ahead of the curve, always using innovative measures to set you apart from your competitors.

Smart Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

In today’s techcentric world, one outstanding ad campaign can skyrocket a business overnight. We create those campaigns.

Affordable Solutions for Online Shops
E-Commerce at a reasonnable price

We provide businesses with affordable solutions in order to create online stores to sell your goods or services while helping you grow.

SEO Optimization across all platforms
Become top rated in search engines results.

You want your customers to find you out there, not be listed in the 9th page. We have the perfect solution for that, and again, it is quite affordable.

Beautiful Branding & Logo Design
Stunning Graphics Clients will Remember

Your company’s logo and overall branding are what builds a connection with customers, helping you become memorable and grow your business.


Amazingly well designed websites

A whole new world of insane diversity and functionality with THINK.

We build beautiful, user-friendly custom websites to represent your business perfectly, no matter what your needs are. Whether you are looking to explain, engage, sell or anything else, we work closely with you to create a fully functional, mobile responsive website that will catch the eye of anybody that visits. Once you have the perfect website up and running, our SEO tools help direct traffic to the site using the latest search engine optimization techniques.

  • Razor sharp & highly tailored marketing campaigns ;

  • Smart layouts for easy navigation on your site;

  • Responsive and retina ready designs for perfect websites;

  • Perfectly targeted ad campaigns for the best return of investments.



Strategic thinking and planning

Prepare for the future and make sure your project is perfectly planned.

We are there to make your project come to life, from the very beginning to the end. We will sit down with you and set up all aspects of your future project. There’s a lot of important parts in making a succesful marketing campaign or website launch, like market research, branding, target audience and web development. We will be there every step of the way, let us handle all the details and you worry about your customer service.

Pave the way to an amazing future.

Create sharp design, website and advertising for your business.

We know how your business success is important. We will make sure that we’ll put every minute of our time on your project to be productive as possible. We want to see growth as much as you do. Let us make sure that your hard earned money is put to a great investment that will return the most. From conversion rates to a larger brand awareness, we’re pushing for you all the way.


Check out our customers' reviews

Shape your future web project with sharp design and functions.


The marketing team at THINK knew exactly what I needed and where our company was heading. They built the best campaign suited to our needs and helped us boost our ROI quite fast. Thanks Again.

Jessica Stephens, Online Fashion Shop

I can’t express how wonderful it was working with THINK! We needed a very complex website quickly and the THINK team managed to help us get it live in less than two weeks. Amazing work and amazing team.

Les Meubles Montreal, Furniture Store

Excellent service, une équipe qui a du savoir faire et de l’expérience. Nous allons revenir lorsque nous débloquerons du budget pour la prochaine campagne. Merci encore pour vos services.

Frederic Mercier, Lanctot et Fils

It's time for you to work with us at THINK

Your business deserves to take a good piece of the market, and we're there to help.